About Sheep

Where do I start to learn about Babydoll Sheep?

Recommended reading:

These books are useful-

Raising Sheep the Modern Way

Storeys Guide to Raising Sheep

Can I just get just one sheep?

Sheep are flock animals. Therefore, they always need at least one other sheep flock member in order to feel safe and happy.

Can I get sheep on my property?

You'll need to make sure that your property is ZONED for sheep and that your county allows sheep on your specific property. There are also rules for how many sheep you can have. If your property is safe for the sheep to graze on, you should know that they will keep the pasture trim in no time. The more space you have, the less you'll have to supplement with additional hays.

Will my sheep get along with my other animals?

Sheep are prey animals, therefore, they should not be left alone with dogs and other animals, ever. Interactions should be closely monitored, even with trustworthy dogs.