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Babydoll Lambs (black or cream)

Ewes: 600 unregistered, 900 registered

Rams: 400 unregistered, 600 registered

Wethers: 300 unregistered

For 2021 and 2022 breeding season: Ram is registered NABSSAR and soon to be registered BSSBA as well. Current breeding ewes are quality examples of the breed but not registered. Prices will reflect this for this next lambing season.

Sheep are flock animals and must have a buddy always. It is a requirement that lambs are purchased in two or more, or owner must already have sheep at home as companions.

Lambs will be ready for pickup upon weaning. This is non-negotiable. Please note, this does not always mean 8 weeks of age, as we let the lambs naturally wean. At pickup, lambs will already have tails docked, CD/T vaccines, proper worming, hooves trimmed, and will have a USDA Scrapie tag in their ear.