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To Join our Waiting List for OLDE ENGLISH BABYDOLL SHEEP/LAMBS, please copy and paste the information below into an email to:

Please fill out answers to the below questions: 


Phone Number: 

Why are you looking to bring an Olde English Babydoll lamb(s) on to your property?

Does your property have zoning requirements that eliminate sheep? 

Do you already own animals? If so, tell us about them! 

What type of lamb(s) are you looking for? Please notate clearly if you are looking for registered (and which registri(es) you prefer), whether ram, ewe or wether, and if you have a color preference. 

Are you aware of the feed, housing (predator proof), shearing requirements of Babydoll sheep? If not, no worries! Just tell me what you have questions about so I can be sure to follow up with you.