About Us

We are a small scale "ranchette" in San Diego county. We believe in responsible breeding, ensuring the health of our dogs and livestock. 

For our Great Pyrenees Dogs, this means doing DNA testing to ensure we are doing everything in our power to not pass down issues, as well as OFA Hip and Elbow testing to maintain the orthopedic and genetic health. It is important to us that we breed for good temperament, whether the Great Pyrenees will be going to a pet home or livestock guardian home.

For our sheep, we maintain registry with NABSSAR, BSSBA, and now OEBMSSR, working to breed the best quality and conformation according to current breed standards (standards slightly vary based on registry). We prioritize the health of our sheep through appropriate deworming protocols (based on fecal test results, whenever possible), vaccination protocols, and maintaining a Scrapies free herd.