Great Pyrenees Dogs

Photo of older dog meeting puppy

Sake meeting Moonshine for the first time. 

Our litter with Sake is expected in early Fall 2024. OFA Certified Hips (Good) and Elbows (Normal). Genetic Wisdom Panel Breeding DNA Test results have also been completed for both Sake and Moonshine. 

Both dogs have different levels of AKC Great Pyrenees Championships in their lineage, and both have different personalities. We will discuss your home and needs when the puppies are born, and do our best to assess their traits when born. Puppies are ready to go home at 10-12 weeks, and will be exposed to a variety of people, children, noises, and farm animals, including sheep, other dogs, chickens, cat and horse. 

Puppies will be AKC Registered, examined by a veterinarian, received 1 dose of flea control/dewormer if appropriate, and vaccinated for DAPP.  Please work with your veterinarian to complete a vaccination protocol and ensure your puppy's continued health. 

Our goal is that these puppies are placed in their lifelong homes that are dedicated to caring for them their entire lives. 

Join the waiting list if you are interested in a Great Pyrenees puppy. 

See prior litters or available Great Pyrenees puppies. 

Read more from us about the Great Pyrenees breed. 

Photo of our dog Sake

Sake around 1 year old. 

Photo of our dog Sake

Sake in May 2023, at 2 years old.

War Cry's Z Sake "Sake"

AKC Registration WS72827203  

Great Pyrenees Female VH Bdgr Mkgs

DOB 05/13/2021

OFA Hip and Elbow Results: Good, Normal

Wisdom Panel DNA Screening: Negative Carrier of 200+ diseases, 1 variant of Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1 (UC Davis Article). 

Sake is from a strong line of livestock guardian dogs. We admire that she is aware of true threats, and has a gentle personality with our "herd" (children, chickens, sheep, our dogs and cats) and is wise around large animals like horses. Sake's personality could absolutely lend her to be a strong therapy animal.  If she deems an animal a threat to her flock, her strong natural instincts show that she is bred to protect those entrusted to her care. See the video of her reacting to coyote calls on our "About Great Pyrenees Dogs" page.  Sake is a loved and important member of our family. 

Photo of our dog Moonshine

Moonshine ("Moony") in May of 2023. She is not fully developed as she is 1 year old, still a puppy, and will not be bred until a minimum of 2 years of age after passing OFA Hips and Elbows. 

Warcrys Moonshine "Moony"

AKC Registration WS76330204

Great Pyrenees Female WH

DOB  04/14/2022

OFA Hip and Elbow Results: To Be Performed after 2 Years of age

Wisdom Panel DNA Screening: Negative Carrier of 200+ diseases

Photo of our dogs
Photo of dog with toddler
Photo of our dog Sake
Photo of our dog Sake
Photo of our dog Sake