About Great Pyrenees Dogs

Sake wears a Whistle GPS tracker, so that we can ensure that our dogs are safe on our property. 

There is an incredible and strong history behind the breed of the Great Pyrenees, or Pyrenean Mountain Dog.  We have chosen this breed for many reasons, but our primary reason being that we appreciate the flexibility of the breed for being our family pet, while being a strong protector of the flock. 

Whether you are looking into this dog as primarily a pet or a guardian livestock dog, we commit to carefully working with buyers to ensure they are set up for success and choose a puppy that will work for their home and remain happily in that home for their entire lives.

This breed, as with most large or giant breeds, does not mature, both in physical, and sometimes mental attributes, until after 2 years old. We want to ensure that new homes are aware of this and committed to their puppy's success. 

We are happy to provide many resources and advice for training, grooming, feeding recommendations and more. 

Video of Sake, our Great Pyrenees, responding to coyote calls at night.