Katahdin Ram

KHSI Registration #


Level typed, sired by USD102, shown as a yearling, RR Scrapie resistance, TMEM 1,1 (best OPP resistance)

Katahdin Ewes

KHSI Registrations:

We are proud to have Katahdin Hair Sheep, KHSI Registered, with parents with high Index NSIP Numbers. This breed is hardy, requires no shearing and has been bred for early shedding, bred for little to no hoof trimming requirements, heat tolerant, good mothering and lambing abilities, good milking, disease and parasite resistance. All are biosecurity tested yearly, and negative for CAE Cl, Johne's, Brucellosis, Q Fever, and OPP. Ram is RR as are most ewes and some also sired by USD102 by the Arkansas Parasite Research Facility. 50k genotyped tested and most 1 TMEM 1,4 or 1,1 so less susceptible to OPP and always passess on a gene for being less susceptible. 


Pending Fall 2024 or Spring 2025 Lambing

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Waiting lists are not a guarantee of availability or reservation, it is merely a way for us to inform you of available lambs once they are born. Once you select your lamb(s), we will have them reserved for you.

Sheep are flock animals and must have a buddy. It is a requirement that lambs are purchased in two or more, or owner must already have sheep at home as companions. 

Lambs will be ready to go home at approximately 8-10 weeks of age, dependent on CDT vaccination completion and weaning, ensuring they have the best success once home. We will give you an estimated date for pickup. It is required that you pick up the lambs within 2 weeks of us informing you/weaning, or we will forfeit your right to the lamb purchase. Drop off is often available in Southern California for an additional fee. At pickup, lambs will have CD/T vaccines, proper worming if applicable, wethered if applicable, and hooves trimmed. 


For our Katahdins, they are part of the Katahdin Hair Sheep International Registration. Fees include registration and transfer to your name at the time of sale. Certificates will be mailed to your home after picking up sheep


Fees for ram include the ram tested for RR at Codon 171 with test results certificate. 

2024/2025 Lamb Prices: