Gardening and Pollinators

Using Sheep Wool in the Garden for Pest Mitigation, Weed Control and Reduced Water Evaporation

We found that using sheared Babydoll wool in our garden was good for some pest mitigation and weed control, but was best for water storage and reduced evaporation. 

Pollinator Program Information

Promoting Pollinator Health in San Diego County

We are passionate about promoting pollinator health on our property and beyond. We are working with the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, as well as several other non profits that promote pollinator conservation: 

US Fish and Wildlife

Point Blue Conservation Science

Resource Conservation District Greater San Diego

Natural Resources Conservation Service USDA

How can you promote pollinator health on your property and support increased production of your harvest? 

Southern California Water Wise Rebates

If you are interested in collecting rainwater, saving water, and implementing water-wise drought tolerant landscaping protocols, here is a good place to start: 

San Diego Nifty-Fifty list of water wise plants

San Diego Sustainable Landscaping guides

Free landscaping classes

Current SoCal WaterSmart rebates information is available here. Check for available rebates on cisterns and rain barrels for rain collection, as well as Turf Replacement rebates, to replace your lawn with water wise landscaping. 

Here is information taken directly off the rebate program website

With the Waterscape Rebate Program, property owners can receive financial incentives to: